What are Enzymes?

    The most important things that our organism needs are enzymes, proteins and fats. We are interested in enzymes in this case. Latin word 'fermentum' means breed, enzymes, biological catalyst that is presented in all living cells. They are responsible for transformations in living organisms, guiding and regulating the metabolic process. They possess optimal activity under a definite pH. Enzymes are divided into some groups, and all of them are important. Therefore biochemical reactions in cells are happened a few times. Actually enzymes are proteins and they are very nice for living organism. They are part of cheese if we are talking of this product. I am not going to describe the production of any cheese, just say a few words about sorts of hard cheese that I can make at home. This product contains milk and eggs, as I have already said, but I added dill and a little bit of sweet pepper for taste. Milk must be kept aside for 2-3 days. After that I took milk and heated a little and added a spoon of kefir and let it stand for a day and night and I got sour milk. Next I took two liters of milk, put on fire and made it boil but carefully. Meanwhile I took four eggs and sour milk and mixed and then whisked until it looked like sour cream. The next step will be the following: into boiling milk I poured the received mixture slowly stirring it about 7-10 minutes. Then I filtered the mixture and I saw something like cottage cheese. The liquid should be put away from the cheese. Then cut dill and pepper into tiny pieces, added it into cheese with some salt and again stirred thoroughly. Then transfer the mixture into the bowl and put a load on it, letting it stand for ten hours. After that I took the cheese out of the bowl and added some salt again, inserted it into the packet and let it stand in the fridge for two hours. And then the cheese is ready for eating. I loved my sort of cheese best of all. It looked tasty thanks to dill and it was really yummy.
    Thus, I recommend eating cheese nevertheless what sort it is because it is very rich in calcium and other minerals that are healthy for living organisms. In order not to catch a cold one has to eat cheese at least two or three times a week by all means.